Iceburn announce new album and first in over 20 years

Listen to a teaser of the band’s track, ‘Dahlia Rides the Firebird’.

Iceburn, the collective which formed in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1991 have announced details of their first record since Land of Wind and Ghosts which was released over 20 years ago.

Led by Gentry Densley of Eagle Twin, Iceburn will return with Asclepius , which will be released on June 25 via Southern Lord

Speaking of Asclepius, Densley says: 

Iceburn had always been about progressing and pushing the boundaries, pushing the music ahead of ourselves so we had to work to catch up. This new record comes from a place of rediscovery of who we are deep down, a place that with all its challenges and comforts, ultimately feels like home.

“In recent years Iceburn basically became four friends hanging out and working on music. After all going in different directions for so many years we found ways to embrace our earliest influences and the foundations of our musical selves. We basically cycled back to the way we made music in our heyday, our salad days, and it felt right once again.”

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Joining Gentry is founding members, Joseph ‘Chubba’ Smith (drums) and James Holder (guitar) along with Cache Tolman (bass)

Asclepius  is said to see Iceburn return to the sonic template of their early records, stitching together the heaviest elements of metal, jazz, psychedelia, and rock.

The band have shared a teaser video for the Dahlia Rides the Firebird, which can been viewed below.

Asclepius was recorded and engineered by Andy Patterson (SubRosa, INVDRS, Insect Ark, and The Otolith) a collaborator also for Eagle Twin Gentry’s other project, Ascend

Listen to a teaser of the doom titans' new song here.
Iceburn - Asclepius

Asclepius tracklist:

  1. Healing The Ouroboros 
  2. Dahlia Rides the Firebird

Pre-order Asclepius via the Southern Lord Bandcamp page.

By Simon Kirk

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