The Lord † David Pajo collaborate on new song

The pair unleash hell with brand new track, ‘Nazarite’.

The year 2022 has been some year for Greg Anderson as The Lord.

Releasing his debut solo album, Forest Nocturne, what followed was one of the albums of 2022 in Devotional – the sensational collaboration album with Petra Haden, which landed at the end of October.

Following the release of Devotional, Anderson resumes his collaborative journey with no other than one David Pajo (Slint, Papa M, King Kong, Tortoise et al), and the pair bring us the brand new track, Nazarite.

Mixed and mastered by Brad Wood, with Pajo’s spoken-word sermon and Anderson’s withering doomscapes, with Nazarite the pair summon us beyond the gates of hell.

Tonal Intoxication: In Conversation with The Lord’s Greg Anderson and Petra Haden

Speaking of the collaboration, Anderson says, “I’m beyond honoured to have been able to collaborate with David Pajo for this ever evolving output as The Lord. Slint remains one of the most important bands ever to me. I composed the music for Nazarite as a love letter to Slint that exemplifies my obsession and devotion. David’s brilliant response to my humble offering is clear proof of his genius.”

The Lord † David Pajo - Nazarite

Pajo also offers comment:

“In Tennessee, I played a bit of acoustic guitar on the Goatsnake song Another River To Cross. It was then that I realised we had a perfect working dynamic. We seem to be able to push an idea from nothing into solid shape, without much effort or ego. I trust Greg’s ear and musical sense implicitly—he’s fearless.”

By Simon Kirk

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