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Video Premier: Light Conductor’s ‘Triggering the Radio Storms’

Light Conductor release their new single as a part of Constellation’s Corona Borealis Longplay Series. Watch the accompanying film and listen for the first time.

As a part of Constellation Records‘ weekly Corona Borealis Longplay Series, this week the Canadian label releases the new single from Light Conductor in Triggering the Radio Storms.

Light Conductor is a collaboration from long time friends, Jace Lasek (The Besnard Lakes) and Stephen Ramsay (Young Galaxy).

The pair released their debut album, Sequence One in 2019. An ambient psychedelic journey bursting with long-form drones and out-of-body experimentation.

Today marks the release of Triggering the Radio Storms. An Eno-inspired trip-out clocking in at over 11 minutes.

The new single is accompanied by the short film created by James Paterson. You can watch for the first time below.

Speaking of Triggering the Radio Storms, Light Conductor says:

Triggering the Radio Storms is a track that originated as a live off the floor improvisation that we did during the sessions for our second album, which were recorded sometime in 2019, before we toured with Godspeed You! Black Emperor in Europe.

“Typically our albums come almost entirely out of improvisations that are sometimes hours long. We gather up our favourite synths and effects and just run them together to see how they interact. There is probably enough Light Conductor material for three or four albums at this point. After we play, we spend a day or two editing and arranging the track, which we have begun to do out at Jace and Olga’s cabane in Rigaud. We don’t like to overdub much, preferring to take the most coherent ten or 15 minute passages from longer sessions.

“We love this track because it is another late night gem, it sounds like spelunking into a giant cave, perhaps even of our own subconsciouses. When we review the material we often find ourselves saying, ‘I don’t remember doing this, do you?’ For us that’s typically the sign we’ve done something we’ll like afterwards.”

Light Conductor - Triggering the Radio Storms

Speaking of the accompanying film, Paterson adds:

“First a connection is established using a numerical sequence as handshake: counting from zero up to nine and back down again. Numbers are suitable for this initial link as they are more universal than any spoken language. 

“After a connection is established it opens to the body of the communication. It’s a transmission about a series of hopes and fears which transcend all superficial differences between you and this as of yet unknown entity.

“The meat of your wordless transaction is formed by interleaved phrases each with their own distinct flavor.

“Once the body of the communication completes you enter a closing phase which steps back through the initial numerical handshake sequence in reverse. This closing leaves you serene and trued like a formerly wonky bike wheel.

“Finally you enter the conclusion of this otherworldly conversation. Now you see who you were talking to all along. You feel them considering and digesting what was just discussed. 

“They see you back and you are linked like pen pals from different dimensions.”

Watch the video premier of Triggering the Radio Storms below:

By Simon Kirk

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