Track Premiere: Film 2’s ‘Welt’

Taken from the Swiss outfit’s forthcoming LP, ‘Sorge*, ahead of Friday’s release, listen to one of three versions of ‘Welt’.

Hailing from Bern, Switzerland, Film 2 are Jonas Albrecht, Elias Bieri and Elischa Heller.

Since 2017, their approach to publishing music is of the conceptual variety, completely obliterating the notions of conventionality. With avoidance of streaming platforms and bowing to the music industry standards, their 2020 LP, Unbewusste Liebeis, is exclusively listenable via the website Unbewusst Love, where it streams on every sunrise and sundown.

Similarly, their 2021 follow-up Die Schlafe Der Seelenden isn’t easily accessible with one track available via Bandcamp, and in a bid to escape the clutches of conformity, Film 2 continue to do things their own way, pushing the envelope once more on their latest LP, Sorge*.

Consisting of the 40-minute track, Welt, the song has been performed, captured and processed three times in three different contexts, from raw material to collective practice: the same thing in three versions, differently, simultaneously, holistically. No one knows which version of Sorge* will end up on the turntable, from the band themselves to us.

Ahead of its release on Friday via BlauBlau Records, exclusive to Sun 13, be the first to listen to one of the three versions of Welt below.

BlauBlau Records · Film 2 – Welt {}

Of course it gives us an indication of what to expect from the final outcome. Energetic kraut-rock rhythms akin to Tarentel and Föllakzoid to the laser beam drones of the Bowery Electric, Film 2 are evidently a deranged galactic post-rock beast dealing heavy in hypnotics and bunker sonics. There’s no need to give Welt your full attention. The track so magnetising you have no option but to gaze into the pulsating void Film 2 inhabit.

For now, with this latest conceptual offering, Film 2 remain ahead of the curve, keeping us all guessing, and for Sorge*, the band plan to stream one version of the album for 12 hours via Unbewusst Love on every new moon and every full moon.

It’s yet another way of the band giving the two-finger salute to the powers that be.

Sorge* is out Friday via BlauBlau Records. Pre-order from Bandcamp.

By Simon Kirk

Product from the happy generation. Proud purple bin owner surviving on music, books and LFC. New book, Welcome To Charmsville, available from all major vendors.

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