Baby Brave New Single Exclusive

Baby Brave have a knack for a catchy hook and an infectious vocal.

The good folk at Mai 68 records have done it again. They somehow seem to have the knack of finding incredible bands and releasing incredible records, their quality control is just off the scale.

The Sunny Days In Dark Rooms EP by Baby Brave continues this run of form and the band have taken another single from the EP and Sun 13 are happy to have the exclusive preview of the band’s new video.

Bronco is a dirty funk groove that puts me in mind of mid period Gang of Four, but looser and rockier. Singer Emmi Manteau says of BroncoThis song is about a wrestle between two lovers, one holds on to the other tightly, despite being thrown around

Bronco was written during Covid Lockdowns, which were traumatic times for lots of people as they were, but add in the breakdown of a ten year relationship and you can appreciate the emotional and personal upheaval that this must have engendered.

The Dream Syndicate: The Days of Wine and Roses

It is a credit to Manteau and Baby Brave that the song is as upbeat and positive as it is. Baby Brave have a knack for a catchy hook and an infectious vocal and Bronco demonstrates both of these qualities in spades.

The video is a flickerbook collage of images and the video maker Echo the Hare tells us it features “the story of the battle between two lovers, and how they are so different yet together on a journey. We see them travel around the globe, spinning through space until they eventually go their separate ways.”

The song goes through many phases, starting out with a New York funk feel before jumping in to a full on rock chorus and back again. Above it all is the outstanding and individual voice of Manteau sounding like a true star. Funk flourishes on the bass add a further poppiness to the song and these disparate elements come together in one glorious whole.

Baby Brave keep the Mai 68 flag flying high and we look forward to seeing what both band and label do next. Watch this space.

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