LibraLibra release epic new track ‘Mother’s Ruin’

By the halfway mark I am convinced that ‘Mother’s Ruin’ is the best song I have ever heard.

LibraLibra are favourites of ours here at Sun 13 Towers, so it can only be a good thing to announce that they return to the fray with towering new single Mother’s Ruin, out today, taken from their forthcoming EP Cut.

And it is EPIC!

Always a commanding and charismatic presence, singer Beth has turned everything up to 11 for Mother’s Ruin and the result is a song that absolutely demands attention and should, if the world is even vaguely a fair place, catapult them to mainstream attention.

The song starts with echoing keyboards, while the video cycles through several hugely different versions of Beth, from an earth mother to a Leigh Bowery-esque character. Beth’s voice is simply incredible, channeling an angry Kate Bush. By the time the drums kick in, we are firmly in ambitious and impressive territory, Mother’s Ruin is heroic in scale.

The more the song goes on, the more impressive it gets. By the halfway mark I am convinced that Mother’s Ruin is the best song I have ever heard. The chorus alone means the song deserves to be played non stop on every radio channel available.

LibaLibra interview: “We are very emotional writers”

As much as I hate the phrase ‘for fans of…’, if you have ever had even a fleeting appreciation of Florence and the Machine or Let’s Eat Grandma you will join me in proclaiming LibraLibra to be currently the best band on the planet.

If 2023 brings a record better than the latest one by LibraLibra, chances are it will be by LibraLibra.

Never one to shy away from facing her demons, Beth says of the song “Mother’s Ruin’ was truly cathartic in helping me heal from past traumas I am still unravelling. I feel like I was speaking to my 15 year old self. The year when I lost all control & power over my body & as a means to survive I transcended above my body & bones & began floating up in clouds, watching life in slow motion.”

Tom Verlaine: The Eternal Purveyor of “Crystal-clear crisp sweet guitar suites”

As soon as the song finishes I find myself in a hurry to play it again, and that isn’t something I do often. Usually I am looking forward to the next track on my playlist, but Mother’s Ruin drags me back again and again.

Single of the fucking year!

LibraLibra will be touring the UK in March. See you there.

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