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Daniel Avery: Together in Static – “a glittery journey through space”

The London-based producer returns with a surprise in 2021.

Daniel Avery has been busy.

Notwithstanding modern day touchstones, 2013’s Drone Logic, and 2017‘s Songs for Alpha, Avery played between the lines of glitch-laden minimalism and pulverising dance floor maximalism, showcasing that these worlds can not only coexist, but galvanise as one of the strongest forces within the confines of sweaty warehouses.

While last year’s Love + Light contained all the best bits of Daniel Avery’s body of work, not limited to space-gliding ambience, full-throttle bangers, delicate minimalism, and bowel-twitching drone, Together in Static continues to explore the outer-limits of experimentalism.

In Avery‘s quickest turnaround yet, Together in Static follows the brilliant Love + Light and Avery‘s underrated collaboration album with Nine Inch Nails Alessandro Cortini, Illusion of Time. Initially planned as a 12” single, the Bournemouth-born London-based producer soon realised that the ideas behind Together in Static were far greater.

In what is Avery‘s shortest LP so far (just under 42 minutes), if anything Together in Static stitches together all of Avery‘s finest flourishes in what can be seen as the perfect entry-point for those yet to delve into the world of one Daniel Avery. A faux best-of, if you will.

Andy Stott: Never the Right Time – “a package of broody sound collages”

The tourism of sound starts with Crystal Eyes; sunrise electronica at its best. The mood turns with Yesterday Faded, with a selection of throbbing beats that could light up the darkest rooms, taking its cue from Drone Logic‘s Energy (Live Through It); both cuts among the finest Avery has produced. The bangers don’t stop there, with Endless Hours exploding as the most aggressive passage on Together in Static.

Daniel Avery - Together in Static

The crate digging escapades of Nowhere Sound gives off the cinematic ambience Boards Of Canada mastered, while Fountain of Peace sees Avery revelling in the world of Andy Stott and the explorations to dismantle post-punk.

The aftershocks of Avery‘s collaboration with Cortini can be heard on the title track, while the Hazel and Gold fuses together the worlds of ambience and classical, resulting in a glittery journey through space.

Jerome: Moods – “the greatest electronic record you’ve never heard”

Not that we needed reminding here, but with Together in Static, Avery really hardens his position among the top electronic producers today. Underrated and underappreciated in many quarters, Avery‘s ability to touch on the emotions of our times is Static‘s greatest strength.

If Love + Light was light at the end of the tunnel, then Together in Static has undoubtedly emerged from it.

Together in Static is out now via Phantasy Sound. Purchase from Bandcamp.

By Simon Kirk

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