13 Questions

13 Questions with Sunstack Jones

Read on to find out more about He Man, cat shit and raving in corduroy.

The forthcoming album from Liverpool’s very own Sunstack Jones is something of a 24 carat gold belter.

Over the last week or so, it has taken over my listening habits to a ridiculous degree and, at the moment, I don’t really want to listen to anything else.  

It is an album on an expansive scale, full of huge songs that swoop and soar , as well as laid back grooves that carry you along on glorious blissed out journeys. Although the album will be released in October 2020, it could happily find a home with fans of the 90s guitar experiments of bands like The Verve, with lovers of epic rock such as Stone Roses or Doves and could easily find favour with fans of 60s progressive rock.

This is not to say that Sunstack Jones are retro, their appeal is timeless and their influences have fed down through the years to create a sound that is universal in its appeal.

 Ahead of the album’s release, we sat down the band’s singer and guitarist Chrisy and asked him 13 questions.

Read on to find out more about He Man, cat shit and raving in corduroy.

1. Where are you and what are you doing and how is that working out?
I’m here, I’m doing this and very well. Thank you.

2. How have you been coping with the lockdown situation?
Kettle Chips, Pale Ales and Cobra Kai.

3. What do you miss most about pre-lockdown times?
Not walking in zig-zag formation. There also seemed to be less cat shit about.

4. Recommend one band or album that you think we should check out.
Here’s 5: Native Harrow- Closeness Bifannah- Dances Liquidas Delta Maid- Katie Cowgirl- X Raptor- Escapism

5. When did you last make yourself do something you didn’t want to?
August 2018.

6. What’s your guilty listening pleasure?
Other people arguing.

7. Can you cook?
I like to take a Keith Floyd approach to Melissa Helmesly recipe. Results can be varied depending on how ‘Keith’ it gets.

8. Tell us a secret.
He-Man is really Prince Adam – only three others share this secret. So keep it on the down low.

9. What’s the best night out you’ve ever had?
Ooh it’d be bad if you could point to just one night in your whole life above all wouldn’t it?

10. When was the last time you laughed until you cried?
The other day My mate Hughesy reminded that we used to regular a place called the Sneaky Lizard for a techno night whilst clad head to toe in corduroy. The image kind of tickled me.

11. What is your favourite view?
Looking over Barcelona towards the sea from Tibidabo.

12. When did you last shout at the TV?
When that bell end did a queens speech from the rose garden.

13. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Is there anything else you’d like to say?
 Support your independent everything x

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