A Tribute to Iain ‘Tempo’ Templeton

His music will live on and will be played often by those in the know. RIP Iain Templeton

They say things come in threes and, as is often the case, there does seem to be some truth in sayings like these.

Recently we have had the sad deaths of The SpecialsTerry Hall and Primal Scream’s Martin Duffy and, to bring things up to a trio, we are saddened by the passing of Iain ‘Tempo’ Templeton.

Tempo drummed for legendary Liverpool bands, the La’s, Michael Head and the Strands and Shack, playing on the latter’s Waterpistol, HMS Fable and On the corner of Miles and Gil albums as well as playing with for Moongoose, David Gray and Pete Wylie, among others.

He also wrote and recorded his own music, some of which emerged under the name Solian.

Tempo was recruited by The La’s after they spotted him busking in Liverpool city centre. Initially he was not keen on this, saying ‘Ah, fuck The La’s. Syd Barrett meets The Beatles. Not interested!’ before eventually being persuaded. He only lasted 6 months before being, in his own words ‘airbrushed’ out of The La’s story.

Tempo’s work with Michael and John Head commits his musical ability to some of the best music ever to come out of Liverpool. He left Shack after an argument caused by ‘too much brandy and coke’, deciding he was going to walk home before remembering he was in London and not Liverpool.

For more on the life and times of Iain Templeton, check out this very entertaining interview with him in 2021

His music will live on and will be played often by those in the know. RIP Iain Templeton.

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