The return of Ogun: a comeback 14 years in the making

Scouse thrash metal veterans set to storm North Shore Troubadour for their reunion gig

Delving into the history of scouse thrash metal act, Ogun, provides a glimpse into Merseyside’s changing live music scene.

Formed in the early 2000s, the band were stalwarts of an emerging local scene that included fellow thrash act, Obsolete, and hard rockers, Hollow Point (now known as Scare Tactics).

Between 2002 and 2008 Ogun were a dominant force in Merseyside and beyond, playing around a hundred gigs in venues such as Krazyhouse, The Picket Dry bar, Barfly, Hannah’s Bar, Hotel California in Birkenhead, and the Comrades Club in Ormskirk.  

Along the way, they supported the likes of Lauren Harris (with her dad, Steve Harris of Iron Maiden fame, actually in the crowd!), Necrophagist, and Byzantine.

While many of the venues they frequented have since disappeared or stopping putting on shows, Ogun have not.

After a fourteen-year hiatus, the band are back to build on their substantial legacy.

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The first stage of their comeback is a massive reunion gig at North Shore Troubadour, this coming Saturday July 16.

Ogun will headline a stacked line-up that features their old friends in Scare Tactics, alt rockers Attic Theory and Dan Bibby and the Aesthetic Knobs.

Long-time members Andy Evans (vocals and guitar) and Danny Lightfoot (drums) are joined by Liverpool death metal luminary Joe Mortimer on bass and the talented Neil Mellor on lead guitar.

With plans to record many of the songs that earned them their reputation already well underway and a long-awaited debut album in the works, Ogun are back to raise the bar for an already blossoming Liverpool metal scene.  

Tickets for what is sure to be a packed reunion show are available here.    

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