Video Premiere: Stephen Cole’s POSTMUSIC Indoor Toboggan Sessions

Be the first to watch the first session, featuring Ex-Easter Island Head’s Benjamin D Duvall.

Following his successful Arts Council England grant from 2021, Liverpool producer, Stephen Cole (a.P.A.t.T.), will begin sharing his POSTMUSIC Indoor Toboggan Sessions – a series of music and film collaborations, which he hosted at What Studio in Liverpool.

The debut POSTMUSIC Indoor Toboggan Sessions piece comes from Ex-Easter Island Head/ Land Trance’s Benjamin D Duvall.

Entitled Flutes, Harps, Dunes, Deer, Duvall and Cole filmed on location at Formby dunes over July and August of last year, with a live performance following in May this year at What Studio, where Duvall incorporates the sounds and sights previously captured on location.

With the video set to go live at 5pm today, Sun 13 are thrilled to premiere Flutes, Harps, Dunes, Deer, which you can watch below.

Flutes, Harps, Dunes, Deer marks the first of 11 pieces which comprise of the POSTMUSIC Indoor Toboggan Sessions, and are set to follow in the weeks and months ahead.

Artists involved include Parabhen Lad (The Jubilee Stompers), Craig Scott (Shatner’s Bassoon, Craig Scott’s Lobotomy), Lisa Fawcett (Lonesaw, Pale Rider), Timba Harris (Estradasphere, Secret Chiefs 3), Genevieve Rosa Baker (Zombina and the Skeletones), composer, Nick Smith, Sun 13 favourite, Claire Welles, Cole’s a.P.A.t.T. partner in crime, Dot Wav (a.P.A.t.T.), Anindya Kartika-Orr (Dyasono), Emily Megan Lansely (Stealing Sheep, Vice Moth), and Sharron Fortnam (Led Bib, North Sea Radio Orchestra, Cardiacs).

All recorded over the last 12 months, as a part of Arts Council England grant, Cole’s journey included a visit to Brooklyn-based Studio G where he gained mentor from seven-time Grammy nominated producer, Joel Hamilton (Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Paul McCartney, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum).

Speaking of the trip, Cole comments:

“WOW… I mean…New York and hanging with Joel was just incredible!!… I was able to learn and confirm so many elements of my practice so much. I’m forever grateful and I will remember my time at Studio G (and the pizza).”

For future sessions visit the POSTMUSIC Youtube channel.

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