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R. Denham: Orphaned Machines

The Edinburgh producer releases his latest LP.

Edinburgh producer, R. Denham, has been churning out the eeriness for some time now, with a series of releases that explore the inner depths of the human condition.

His latest release, Orphaned Machines, arrives on the new Edinburgh label, PX4M, whose primary focus is to give voice to artists that simmer below the surface of the artistic landscape.

In many ways it’s an extension of the New Weird Britain movement. A safe haven for fringe artists to showcase their unique talents: a niche within a niche, even.

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Orphaned Machines is a single-track LP spanning over 29 minutes, Orphaned Machines is an uncanny concoction of Godspeed-like voiceovers, chilled tech-house, and ear-splitting sub-bass. What Denham creates here is a soundtrack for wandering around graveyards during the winter months.

R. Denham - Orphaned Machines

Denham creates the kind of fractured post-world atmospheres that Natalie Wardle achieved earlier this year under her VHS¥DEATH project with Corrupted Geisha EP. Those familiar with this particularly release may have just found another kindred spirit in Denham.

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A release pulling together a wide range of ideas from various sound worlds, Orphaned Machines sees Denham breaking down the boundaries of club music and injecting some form of New World post-rock.

Over these 29 minutes, Denham takes us on a journey fit for these times. Juxtaposing sonic chaos with real life fragility, it’s yet another fine release from Denham. Those new to his music will find Orphaned Machines as a vital entry point into his ever-growing body of work.

Orphaned Machines is out now via PX4M. Purchase from Bandcamp.

By Simon Kirk

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