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Why Patterns: Regurgitorium

The London noise-rock trio release their debut LP.

Human Worth are one of the finest underground labels out there at the moment.

Releasing a slew of fine 2021 releases, the London label return in 2022 with their latest shiny new toy, Why Patterns.

The London three-piece, consisting of vocalist Doug Norton (Deleted Narrative), guitarist Seb Tull (Wren) and drummer Dan McClennan (Warren Schoenbright), emerge with their debut long-player, Regurgitorium.

Recorded by Wayne Adams (Big Lad/Petbrick/ Kulk) at Bear Bites Horse studio, with Regurgitorium Why Patterns expel a noise-infused existential crisis slammed down on tape.

Hail the Monolith: In Conversation with Kulk’s Thom Longdin & Jade Ashleigh Squires

No fucking about, Why Patterns hurl us into their own of hell with Parapraxis which is like being showered with broken glass.

Barely able to shake the dread, Bachelor Machine is like a Maserati engine roar with the sound waves pushing us into the vortex where Elective Affinities and Bone Apple Teeth lie in wait; anxiety riddled numbers with Norton seemingly delivering his messages from the clenched jaw of a great white shark.

Why Patterns - Regurgitorium

Barely able to catch a breath, Silentium and later with Quotidian, are spoken word passages that brim with existential friction, breaking up the chaos of Regurgitorium’s nine other tracks. Yes, these moments are required.

The respite doesn’t last long, as the grimy bass chug and howling noise of Weal, Railway Spine and Unstimmung sees Why Patterns splicing together noise and speed-rock in a way that feels like an acid trip with the fast-forward button vigorously pressed down. Those dreaming of Lightning Bolt and Thee Oh Sees getting in a room together can stop: the evidence is right here.

Enablers Interview: “There’s a lot of conflict in our songs on every level”

Beaten and bedraggled, closing track Vomitorium comes as advertised. Delivered by a band just about dead on their feet, it’s an appropriate end to Regurgitorium. As a listener, you come away feeling like you’ve just escaped a bear pit.

And with that, drained both physically and mentally, it’s all come about by Why Patterns inventing new ways in presenting noise-rock: music produced on the fault lines. Regurgitorium is yet another conquest conceived from the U.K. underground, but with the heads involved from top to bottom, should we be surprised?

Regurgitorium is out now via Human Worth. Purchase from Bandcamp.

By Simon Kirk

Product from the happy generation. Proud purple bin owner surviving on music, books and LFC. New book, Welcome To Charmsville, available from all major vendors.

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