13 Questions

13 Questions with Peter Bruntnell

“My first sexual experience involved  the Ice Warriors from Dr Who.”

There are various ways we can come into contact with new music. We can stumble across it on the likes of Spotify or YouTube, we can catch a support band at a gig, we can even take chance on a new act because of their name or record sleeves. But one of the nicest ways to discover a new album is through the recommendations of friends.

People can be quite tribal beings and tend to associate with like minded individuals. This is certainly true for music fans, maybe from my own age group rather than the younger beings amongst us, but this means that news of a cool new record can spread through our social networks.

One such artist who came to me this way is Peter Bruntnell, who was brought to my attention by no other than Paul Fitzgerald, promoter, writer and face about town. Those of who know Mr Fitzgerald know that his word is his bond and that it he tells you something is good you should probably at least check it out.

On hearing his recommendation of Peter Bruntnell, I downloaded his King of Madrid album and found an album of tender songs sung with a rich, honey soft voice. The style of the album veered from laid back rock to bluesy confessionals to folky reveries but all with a sense of style and an air of experience.

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Bruntnell released the follow up album Journey to the Sun earlier this year and is currently on tour to promote it. The new album follows on from the old but sounds more accomplished and confident. Again it finds Bruntnell not wanting to limit himself to too narrow a genre and has the potential to find him a wide audience of new fans.

Sun 13 were lucky enough to subject him to one of our 13 Questions features between gigs. Read on to find out more about dirty protests, fake chicken and walking back from the pub naked.

1. Where are you and what are you doing? How is that working out?

Peter Bruntnell: “Had a gig in Herne Hill London last night so having a lazy morning , then driving to Nottingham for a gig.”

2. When did you last make yourself do something you didn’t want to?

PB: “Getting out of bed yesterday at 8am.”

3. Who is the nicest ‘celebrity’ you’ve met?

PB: “No such thing.”

4. When did you last get into an argument?

PB: “When my dog had a dirty protest on the kitchen floor.”

5. What’s your favourite food?

PB: “Currently Bang Bang cauliflower or similar with fake chicken. Sour dough bread with anything. Home made curry with Al’s kitchen on YouTube.”

6. When did you last consider quitting social media?

PB: “Not yet.”

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7. What’s the best night out you’ve ever had?

PB: “Opening for and then watching Son Volt at the New Daisy theatre in Memphis. The stage was like a Wild West Town.”

8. Vinyl, CD, MP3 or Streaming?

PB: “CD and Vinyl.”

9. What words of warning would you give your younger self?

PB: “Don’t learn to play guitar!”

10. When were you last told off?

PB: “When I walked back from the pub naked, the police spotted me and told me to put my clothes back on.”

11. What has been your favourite decade for music?

PB: “’60s ’70s and ’80s. After that it went to shit. Britpop?”

12. Tell us a secret

PB: “My first sexual experience involved the Ice Warriors from Dr Who.”

13. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.  Is there anything else you’d like to say?

PB: “Having another lie in.”

Peter Bruntnell is currently on tour and dates can be seen below.

  • Nov 18 – Glasgow Glad Café
  • Nov 19 – Aberdeen, The Blue Lamp
  • Nov 20 – Dundee, Lodge at Lochside & Wee Bear Cafe, Lintrathen
  • Nov 21 Edinburgh, The Voodoo Rooms
  • Dec 11 – Newport, Le Pub
  • Dec 13 – Putney, Half Moon

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