Nation of Language: A Word & A Wave – “another solid offering”

The New York three-piece share the latest single from their forthcoming second LP.

New York, three piece, Nation of Language, didn’t so much as release a sleeper with last year’s debut album, Introduction, Presence; it was an album that completely stole hearts across the globe.

Slipping into the bloodstream of record collectors and music geeks alike, many hailed Introduction, Presence as their album of the year, with Nation of Language’s brand of ’80s synth-based sounds being dragged through the undercurrents of post-punk.

Despite the underground success of Introduction, Presence, and joining other exciting American acts such as Activity, Public Practice and P.E., there were signs that better things were to come; particularly with Introduction, Presence’s last two tracks, The Motorist, and The Wall & I, which, to these ears at least, were the album’s strongest moments.

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Striking while the iron is hot and the band release their sophomore LP, A Way Forward on November 5. Again, like their debut, Nation of Language stick to their DIY ethos by self-releasing it.

Nation of Language - A Word & A Wave

A Word & A Wave is the latest single from A Way Forward and carries the momentum of the two aforementioned songs from Introduction, Presence. Still navigating through the hazy, synth landscapes of the ’80s, singer, Ian Devaney uses his voice to float on the soundscapes instead of trying penetrate them. There will be room for that later, of course, however the band’s post-punk and cold-wave leanings are tamed here.

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A Word & A Wave is another solid offering for Nation of Language, further upping the excitement levels for A Way Forward; an album that may well be a late shout in the end of year lists stakes. We shall see.

A Word & A Wave is out now. Pre-order A Way Forward from Bandcamp.

By Simon Kirk

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