Shipbuilders @ Kazimier Stockroom 04/09/21

Lewis Ridley heads to another gig and reports back from the front line of Shipbuilders latest outing.

The flotsam of The ShipbuildersFuture Yard soiree last month had barely had chance to settle before the band that headed up a Shipwrecked all-dayer in Birkenhead were back this side of the Mersey last night to play the hull that is the Kazimier Stockroom last night.

Matty and co climb aboard – he’s sporting a COW t-shirt – and rip into their first track from forthcoming album two, 95 Miles. 

Album one, by the way, is still waiting patiently to be emerge from the production line at HQ.

Hanging Me At Dawn, their wild west call to arms and is third in. La Dolce Vita a beautiful lullaby, dedicated to Matty’s other half, who was amongst the audience.

Also amongst The Shipbuilders’ following are the likely lads of Rossett Park. Marine AFC had earlier on recorded a victory at Dunston UTS to progress to the next round of The FA Cup, so there was plenty reason for celebration. If Love Lane did Saturdays…

Kazimier Stockroom is a terrific venue for a Saturday night gig like this, it has to be said. Prior to its opening, this corner of the Kazimier Garden venue would only ever be visited by those needing the toilet – but it has now played host to some of Liverpool’s finest local gigs. 

LONESAW interview: “we just make the art we make”

It remains endlessly entertaining when punters from the bar outside head up the stairs to answer the call of nature and are met with the ferocious noise of a band like SPQR or Lonesaw. Aside from this, it also allows for that festival vibe whereby people are pulled from the outside in, something so valuable for bands who are looking to grow their support.

An encore was a given, even after the euphoria of The Moon, and Forest Floor provided just the tonic. And up the road we went, to catch By The Sea.

Oh, and remember… Never trust a man with a flagpole in his garden.

Lewis Ridley

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