Nick Cave and Warren Ellis announce 2021 tour dates

Following on from their Carnage album, Nick Cave and his long time writing partner Warren Ellis have announced a UK tour to take place in September and October of this year.

When reviewing Carnage, Sun 13’s Simon Kirk said “Only time will tell whether Carnage is a masterpiece. The Cave/Ellis alliance doesn’t possess that friction and yin and yang of the the greatest songwriters in music history. That’s what makes their partnership even more frightening and indeed, beautiful. Just two mates, creating.”

The chance of seeing these two creative titans bring Carnage to the live arena is one that must surely be one of 2021’s standout moments.

Rowland S Howard: The World’s Real Forgotten Boy

The last time I was lucky enough to see Nick Cave live, with The Bad Seeds, it was undoubtedly one of the greatest gigs I have ever seen. Amongst the thoughts I managed to set down, I wondered how Cave could continue to create such an incredibly high standard of music; “It is hard to see where Cave will go from here, how he can continue his run of form, how he can follow his emotional trajectory’s upward arc. On the other hand, Cave has made a career out of doing what he wants or, perhaps more accurately, what he feels he should, and on the strength of tonight’s performance it would be a foolish person who would bet against him continuing to deliver his art to the same high standard he has set himself so far.

On tonight’s evidence, Nick Cave still seems to be incapable of anything other than brilliance.”

Of course time has proven my concerns moot, as Ghosteen and Carnage continue his incredible unbroken run of form.

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: Carnage – “the understanding of life and death”

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis will undoubtedly again be scaling similar highs as two of modern music’s most enthralling figures.

Full tour dates are:

2 September – Lighthouse, Poole
4 September – Fairfield Halls, Croydon
5 September – Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury
7 September – Regent Theatre, Stoke
8 September – Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham
10 September – Opera House, Blackpool
12 September – Regent Theatre, Ipswich
14 September – New Theatre, Oxford
15 September – St George’s Hall, Bradford
17 September – Bridgewater Hall, Manchester
20 September – Playhouse, Edinburgh
23 September – City Hall, Sheffield
24 September – Sage, Gateshead
27 September – Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool
29 September – Globe, Stockton
1 October – De Montford Hall, Leicester
2 October – Symphony Hall, Birmingham
6 October – Royal Albert Hall, London
7 October – Royal Albert Hall, London
10 October – Dome, Brighton

Tickets will be available from Friday 23rd July at

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