Steve Von Till announces new ambient and spoken word albums – listen to lead single

Steve Von Till returns in 2021 with two new releases.

Neurosis’ Steve Von Till has announced details of a new ambient album as well as a spoken word release on the back of last year’s Harvestman: 23 Untitled Poems.

Von Till‘s ambient album, A Deep Voiceless Wilderness, arrives on April 30 via Neurot Recordings. The album follows last year’s incredible No Wildness Deep Enough, which made Sun 13‘s Top 50 Albums of 2020 at number 5.

Listen to new single, The Emptiness Swallows Us All, below.

Speaking of A Deep Voiceless Wilderness, Von Till says, “This is how I originally heard this piece of music. Without the voice as an anchor or earthbound narrative, these pieces have a broader wingspan. They become something else entirely and unfold in a more expansive way. The depth of the synths, juxtaposed with the strings and French horn, have space to develop and allow the listener to imagine their own story.”

Steve Von Till - A Deep Voiceless Wilderness

A Deep Voiceless Wilderness tracklist: 

  1. Called From the Wind
  2. We’ll Always Have the Sea
  3. The Emptiness Swallows Us All
  4. Shelter in Surrender
  5. Nightshade High Country
  6. The Spiraling Away

Also on April 30, Von Till‘s spoken word album, Harvestman: 23 Untitled Poems will be released. Here, Von Till has re-imagines Harvestman in a new format, using collages of sound to back his intimate and captivating stories.

“Being a constant sound-seeker, I thought it would be more interesting to have some textures and treatments to break up the intimate voice recordings. The background sounds used on some of the tracks were pieces related to No Wilderness Deep Enough that were either not used or repurposed to interweave further connections between my artistic output at this time of my life,” he says.

Harvestman - 23 Untitled Poems

Harvestman: 23 Untitled Poems tracklist:

  1. I-V 
  2. VI-XII 

Pre-order A Deep Voiceless Wilderness here.
Pre-order Harvestman: 23 Untitled Poems here.

By Simon Kirk

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