Exclusive: Yammerer release new single, ‘The Beachgoer’ – listen here.

We get a first listen to the Liverpool outfit’s biggest statement yet.

Those familiar with Yammerer will have a war story or two. Mine is from 2019’s Threshold Festival where the band may have played the shortest set in Liverpool music history.

Punters weren’t permitted to take cameras into the venue. Security so stringent that even phone cameras were masked with supermarket price tags.

Only Yammerer (Jay Sunsea – vocals, Gajo Paco – guitar, Seve Dee – guitar, Conchur Maschim – bass, and Perm Doner – drums), could bring such ridiculous scenes to a head and that they did. After about four minutes…

The unhinged presence of Sunsea, belligerent and barbed as he flailed around the thin crowd like a patient wanting to escape a pysch ward. Such antics drew reprimand from the sound engineers who weren’t exactly twitching nervously – they were blowing up deluxe. It was the sort of malevolence that severely lacks in new music today and, truth be told, it was the best four minutes of the festival…

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Record Store Day exclusive, the Donnay Death Housing Cryssis arrived shortly after, showcasing snippets of Yammerer‘s live lunacy. At the back end of 2019, the Reality Escape Resort EP followed and was more of that frenetic speed-rock that danced on the fringes of the aesthetics of Thee Oh Sees.

Last year, the short and sharp single in Boa Constrictor gave us a much needed boost in lockdown and as summer approaches in 2021, the band returns with the aptly titled The Beachgoer.

It’s a song that sees Yammerer on the downers, the band arriving on the precipice with a view of a new world. A new world that welcomes them with open arms.

Yammerer - The Beachgoer

These days it seems that artists are tentative in making creative U-turns, but those already familiar with the Yammerer story know all too well of the band’s edgy, impulsive charms.

And The Beachgoer is a testament to that. The kind of re-imagined chaos that Pissed Jeans conjured up with The Jogger.

Clocking in at over five minutes, The Beachgoer is like an acid stew. A band truly launching out of its own skin, as the song bursts with searing textures that project pure venom. The squalling feedback floats around your head like a haunting fever dream.

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In summary, it’s a fucking epic. An untamed, radical departure from Yammerer‘s earlier releases, The Beachgoer sees the band breaking boundaries and it’s thrilling to hear.

Space in sound is vital and on The Beachgoer, Yammerer have harnessed this idea perfectly. So much so that it’s the finest thing they have committed to tape yet, truly capturing the frenetic tension of their live performance.

For new local releases, it’s been the best week in some time. Starting the week, we had LONESAW‘s debut EP, Lay in the Salt of the Soil. With The Beachgoer, Yammerer finish it emphatically.

The Beachgoer is out tomorrow via Restless Bear Records. Purchase from Bandcamp.

You can listen to the interlude for The Beachgoer, BX3: An Apocalypse Induced Extrication From Form Exercise on Yammerer’s website

By Simon Kirk

Product from the happy generation. Proud purple bin owner surviving on music, books and LFC. New book, Welcome To Charmsville, available from all major vendors.

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