13 Questions

13 Questions with Campfire Social

“I know it’s all hard and we all have to remember there is light at the end of the tunnel and we need to hold on to hope that this will get better”

Campfire Social are part of the mighty Mai 68 stable and, such is the label’s consistent output, the bar is set high for them. But even in such august company, Campfire Social are a class act.

When asked to describe their music, the band said ‘For lack of a better term; Indie-Pop for sad people’, but this is to do the a disservice. The music Campfire Social produce may tend to introspection and contain deeply heartfelt and thoughtful lyrics, there is an uplifting feel to a lot of their songs. The mysteriously named ISHQ is a lively and irresistible dancefloor stormer and while the likes of Playwright and Awake in the Wake of a Wave might at first glance might seem downbeat, listening to them is similar to having a brief rest, eyes closed and drifting, while the stresses of the day fall from your shoulders.

And now, to add to an already impressive run, Campfire Social are releasing a new 6 track EP called Everything Changed. Lead track It’s Not Goodbye (To Those We Left Behind) is a superior slice of modern indie pop, and not just for sad people! This is a rousing track that will no doubt soundtrack our spring and perfectly suits the season of hope and rebirth.

There is no reason that Not Goodbye (To Those We Left Behind) won’t do the same to you, so join in the Campfire Social and prepare for better times.

To tie in with the release of this new EP, we asked Campfire Social 13 questions. Read on to find out more about Cliff Richard, missing the commute and ballroom dancing.

1. Where are you and what are you doing and how is that working out?

Tom: “Currently in a closed 2nd floor (shop) taking my weekly excursion to somewhere that isn’t my kitchen to work for Carrie.”

Carrie: “I’m currently sat on the sofa with the dog while Toms making coffee. I’m excited about the coffee and the dogs having a lovely time.”

Chris: “I’m currently in my front room *home-schooling my son.
*failing at home-schooling my son.”

Ben: “I’m currently working from home! I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to still be working but every day feels like Groundhog Day!”
Rhys: “At home sitting on my sofa learning how to play D&D, could be better it’s complicated!”

2. How have you been coping with the lockdown situation?

Tom: “I’ve been keeping my mind busy with planning for the Single/EP release. In the first lockdown I attempted a couple of home recordings, but I find the winter incredibly uninspiring so I’m currently rekindling my love for video editing. So you can expect to see a load of badly filmed, DIY music videos on their way.”

Carrie: “Lockdown 1; great! Sunshine, gardening, busy with exciting plans for my business. Lockdown 2; meh! Weird limbo, is Christmas even happening, what the fuck are the government doing. Lockdown 3; why is it dark & raining again!!?!??? We’re 3 months in now aren’t we? Nope! It’s still January!”

Chris: “I’m not too sure to be honest. Some days good, some days not.”

Ben: “I’m just plodding on, after 3 lockdowns I consider myself a veteran or the lockdown game now, I’ve built a lot of Lego and finished many a jigsaw puzzle.”

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3. What do you miss most about pre-lockdown times?

Tom: “Gigs! I know that’s the most obvious answer but on reflection I’ve never really been a ‘night out’ person so it’s not just playing that I miss playing a gig was always my excuse for leaving the house, going new places and seeing friends.”

Carrie: “People!!!! Friends, family, gigs, good times & especially hugs!”

Chris: “Gigs! I miss seeing all those wonderful faces at our shows! I can’t wait to be back there! You’re all getting hugged to flip!”

Ben: “I actually miss getting the bus and my work commute weirdly! I miss coming home from work and stopping off at Telfords for a quick pint and a catch up with friends but still holding on to hope life will return to normal in the note so distant future.”

Rhys: “Attending and playing gigs mostly.”

4. Recommend one band or album that you think we should check out.

Tom: “This is a tough one. How could you possibly pick one? If I had to right now, I would say Brother/Sister by MeWithoutYou but the answer to that could be different tomorrow.”

Carrie: “This is soooo tough!!! I want to say at least 5 but I’ll go for my favourite album of 2020. Spanish Love Songs: Brave Faces Everyone. It’s such an incredible album and so, so fitting for the year we’ve just had! Definitely brings out your inner Emo.”

Chris: “Sustinere!!!! Those guys are the best!”

Ben: “I recently bought a turntable and was gifted a few records, by far my favourite vinyl currently is Nillson Schmilsson by Harry Nillson, track 1 “gotta get up” features in possibly the best TV show ever made “Russian Doll” on Netflix so would recommend you check both of those out.”

Rhys: “Cage Park.”

5. When did you last make yourself do something you didn’t want to?

Tom: “Every morning I force myself to get out of bed, I’m always happy I did once I’ve had a coffee, but that doesn’t happen until I’ve forced myself to make coffee. I think lock down life is a constant stream of forcing yourself to do things that you don’t want to do and then being pleased with yourself because at least you did something.”

Carrie: “I did my tax return last week which is in no way something I enjoy!”

Chris: “I got up this morning.”

Ben: “Everyday I’ve been forcing myself out for a run or walk over 7000 steps a day, I’ve never been one for fitness routines but the two stone I’ve gained since lockdown is forcing me to get active again! I’d much prefer to be carrying my drums in and out of venues and performing to keep fit but I gotta do what I’ve gotta do!”

6. What’s your guilty listening pleasure?

Tom: “I don’t feel guilty about listening to Cliff Richard.”

Carrie: “I think as I’ve got older, I’ve become more unashamed in my listening choices, I suppose Taylor Swift would have fallen under that category but she’s cool af now right?”

Chris: “I have none. I love music, why should I feel guilty about it.”

Ben: “I have no guilty pleasures! If it gets me moving it’s a good tune, but I guess you could class Mmmbop by Hanson a bit of a guilty pleasure.”

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7. Can you cook?

Tom: “Absolutely! Do you like ramen?”

Chris: “As long as pot noodles and fish fingers are your thing.”

Ben: “Yes, I do cook! I’ve bought a few cookbooks and following a few recipes and I’ve not burnt the house down yet, so I’d say it’s a great success.”

Rhys: “Yes, I make a mean chicken Philly spinach pasta and you can’t beat bacon & cheese croissants!”

8. Tell us a secret.

Tom: “No.”

Carrie: “I used to be really good at ballroom dancing.”

Chris: “Now why would I go do something like that. I’m already under house arrest.”

Ben: “A secret?! Well, the biggest secret I have currently is how awesome the new EP is going to be and a few surprises that I’m not yet at liberty to discuss!” 
Rhys: “I like spreadsheets.”

9. What’s the best night out you’ve ever had?

Tom: “I’ve had many a fantastic evening in the past, but I can’t think of a particular one right now I’m going to blame that on there being too many to pin down one.”

Carrie: “It’s so hard to pick a single one as we’ve had so many. I’d have to say gig nights at Le Pub are always up there even though the recovery period is a minimum of 3 days!”

Ben: “I can’t pick a favourite night out but if I had to pick, I’d have to say any night from our tour of Germany maybe? We’ve had so many good times, but Germany had some particular corkers”.

10.When was the last time you laughed until you cried?

Tom: “Regularly at the moment, I’ve found the less I see human beings the more emotions I feel watching sitcoms. I’ve been laughing out loud to myself and getting teary watching Community for the 17th time.”

Carrie: “I cried today, does that count?”

Ben: “Last time I laughed so hard I cried was just yesterday actually, me and Chris played some games online together as it’s the best way to keep in touch now, laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe, and it’s probably been the first time I’ve laughed that hard since March 2020.”

11.What is your favourite view?

Tom: “Anywhere you can look out at the sea.”

Carrie: “Sunset over the ocean!!!”

Chris: “I’ve honestly never thought about this. I quite enjoy seeing my front door after work.”

Rhys: “Looking at the wake behind a cruise ship with the sun setting on the horizon.”

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12. When did you last shout at the TV?

Tom: “I can honestly say I have never shouted at a TV.”

Carrie: “I’m not particularly vocal with the TV. When the internet is playing up, I tend to whisper words of encouragement to get our streaming sites back.”

Ben: “Last time I shouted at the TV was probably watching Wandvision. I have no idea what’s going on.”

Rhys: “Last night re-watching Game of Thrones getting annoyed at how stupid all the Starks are!  (Except Arya & Sansa, they are bad ass!)”

13.Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Tom: “How are you doing?”

Chris: “Gouranga.”

Carrie: “Thank you so much! I hope you guys are all doing okay!”

Ben: “Only thing I’d like to say really is while we are all struggling with lockdowns and not seeing family members and friends, I know it’s all hard and we all have to remember there is light at the end of the tunnel and we need to hold on to hope that this will get better. I promise once we are all out of this, I will give you all the world’s biggest bear hug to celebrate! Keep your head up and let’s try keep a smile on our face together.”

Rhys: “Thanks for asking us these questions!  Lockdown has shown how important the arts are and how essential human contact is.  Look out for each other!”

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